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Open house at the museum


You’re invited to come to the museum, OPEN HOUSE, on Saturday & Sunday, February 3rd & 4th from 11:00AM-3:00PM. and visit with us and see what the city of Independence has done to the building and what our plans are for the museum.

Parking is available in our parking lot, along the street and using the parking area in front of the Bingham/Waggoner Museum area.

“The Build/Fill” – as we are calling will starting real soon. We want to meet some of our interested people again and find out how they want to help with this process. We are looking for all kinds of craftsman & women who would like to be involved with the museum in many different ways. Our first big project is the construction in Gallery “B” area, which will house the large HO scale layout, plus exhibit areas for other scale replicas and artifacts.

So, if you’re a railroad hobbyist, train lover or just love museums. It doesn’t matter, just bring a friend and come to the museum.

Teams of volunteers will be doing the “build/fill” and sharing their ideas and craftsmanship.  Artifacts, artwork, history displays, gift shop will all be added to the museum, displays with antique trains, plus all kinds of things for the youngers to take part in and view.

            We look forward to meeting with you, sharing the vision, and to help make this museum come to life. Again, thanks for tour interest and involvement. See you soon!

You can also sign up as one of the first members of the museum for 2024.

Location: 312 W Pacific Ave, Independence, MO 64050

(The Missouri Model Railroad Museum is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law. Any questions, please call 816-552-5750 or visit our website at

14 thoughts on “Open house at the museum”

  1. Looking fwd to open house. Am retired Asst Superintendent SantaFe and other assignments w CNW and others. Interested in seeing if I might contribute

  2. Looking forward to this. My wife and I both work on our basement sized HO scale here at home so hopefully we provide some contribution to this project.

  3. Hello, I have some experience with HO, having built a couple basement lay. Worked with DC, DCC, just an oval for the locos I have. Would like to be a part of this endeavor.

  4. What era will you be representing, on the layout? I’ve heard that it will be an historically accurate model of the area around the museum location. I’ve also heard it will be representing the greater Kansas City area. Still haven’t heard what year(s).

    1. Randy – We are going to run modern day theme. As far as the layout will look. Building could be form the 60’s and newer, just what you would see along the tracks today. Different events will be held each month on the layout so we will be running different time periods from steam, to different fallen flags that had tracks in Missouri and the railroads that passed thru our area.

      1. Excellent! That operating scheme seems to be the best “connection” to the historical perspective. I grew up in that area, in the 70’s and 80’s, and have seen lots of changes, not all for the better. Makes me wish I had seen the date of your open house. I’ve done a lot of research on that area, centering on the railroads, of course. My planned, but probably never to be completed layout was to be Kansas City Terminal based, because I wanted to run a large variety of road names.
        Will you have scheduled work days, or will it be more individual efforts? I’d love to participate, but my work schedule is erratic.

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